Keep Kids Connected is a Non-Profit Organization providing Tablet computers to kids with cancer or life threatening illnesses.
In addition, money raised is donated towards cancer research.

  997 Tablets/netbook computers Delivered to Date! 

life is good . . .

Caitlyn Mortus is one of the lucky ones!

Not only does she get to work doing a job she loves, she gets to give iPads to her patients (like Aiden pictured here) from the organization she founded to help brighten their days and make their treatment a little more bearable.

Each time she gives away an iPad she remembers how excited she was when she received her Netbook computer from a family friend over 11 years ago when she was a patient at MD Anderson.

During this pandemic, having an iPad to help deal with the added isolation makes it even more important for our organization to be able to continue its mission!

Keep Kids Connected Informational Video

Keep Kids Connected is part of the Combined Federal Campaign.  Use CFC #48638 when making your donation.

Donate Here to Help Children with cancer Stay connected with their Friends and Family during Treatment


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